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A woodcraft project


Mattlaberg is a place in the deep forests of Dalarna where farming has been practised since the 1700s. The old stone wall that winds around the place bears witness to an incredible hard life in a harsh and stony landscape.

Here lived lumberjacks and charcoal burners. Knives were used as tools both then and now. Today Mattlaberg is a creative gathering place for musicians and artists in the summertimes. In the village there is a farm that sparkles creativity and that to a great extend is created by knives from Mora.
Windswept branches from the shores of Lake Siljan or slow growing pine from the deep forests in Dalarna are excellent subjects for an own wood craft project.
Scale, craft, polish and engrave your own clothes hanger with a knife from Mora.

Let your thoughts flow freely while working with your hands and your body will feel good.


When making a clothes hanger, you need a nice branch and a knife.

There are different knives you can use. We manufacture knives with wooden handles but we also have a model with a plastic handle and a carbon steel blade. The knives with wooden handles, have blades of laminated steel in various lengths.

Which knife you choose depends on the piece you are working with. Our wood carving knives have thin tapered blades, with a length between 49 and 82mm. The blades are of laminated steel that glides easily through the wood and stays sharp for long time. The blades are easy to resharpen.


The blade shape with the curved edge makes the knife is easy to use.

The knives have a simple coiled wooden handle to fit most hands and gripps. We also have a knife, Carving Knife 105, which has a handle with finger protection that will not get in the way when working with the knife.


Carving techniques

To carve as safe as possible, you should have control over how the knife cuts. There are different grips and techniques that you can use.


One technique you can use to carve your own hanger is that you use the thumb of the hand holding the subject in order to press the blade spine so you can control the cut you carve.
Another way is to keep your work between thumb and index finger and let the other fingers press the hand holding the knife.
Carve the endings with small cuts. The knife is held in the front part of the fingers. The thumb is used solely to support the movement.

 If you like you can then cut a text in the clothes hanger. Use the tip of the blade.

  • Cut each line from two directions so you cut a V-shaped ditch.
  • Angle the blade approximately 45 degrees and make a controlled but firm  cut.
  • Then rotate the piece of wood and cut the corresponding section from the other direction so that the cuts meet in the middle and at the bottom of the ditch.

To remove the wooden slivers you cut  you can either make the cuts  so that they run into each other and get loose. That way you will get tapered lines. Or, make a short, straight cut with the knife tip in the end of the line. If you decide first how long you want the line you can do these end cuts first and then cut the line between them.

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